Integrated Blogging for Real Estate Websites

Maintaining a blog is a key step in Union Street Media’s recommended Internet Marketing strategy. Your blog is setup using WordPress, a popular search-engine friendly blogging tool. We integrate your blog within your website and we train you on creating engaging, search-engine friendly content as well as moderating comments.

Why maintain a blog in addition to a real estate website?

  • A blog is easy to update and requires less organization because one post does not need to have anything to do with the last. You can write in a colloquial style which takes less time to “wordsmith” and allows your personality to shine through.
  • Blogs encourages interactivity and conversions with visitors, who can post comments. When combined with a less formal style, it makes your web presence feel authentic.
  • Your blog posts appear via RSS feeds on your homepage and other landing pages every time you update your blog. When you have fresh content on your site it demonstrates to search engines like Google, that the site is relevant, which helps your search engine rankings.
  • Other bloggers often link to interesting articles, so writing engaging posts on your blog will improve the number of inbound links and visitors to your site.

Union Street Media hosts your blog on a separate server from the rest of your website. This is an important security measure providing a firewall between your blog and your site, ensuring that your content is safe. We also take care of all software updates, guaranteeing that your blog is running the most current software versions and is secure.