9 Ways to Enhance Your Listings for Maximum Exposure

One of the biggest challenges that real estate agents face is marketing their listings to a wide audience. Some agents try their darndest to spread the word about new listings, price reductions, and featured properties, but no one responds. Nothing. Crickets. They don’t seem to take notice, or worse: they ignore an agent’s promotions altogether. In fact, the whole process can feel a little one-sided.

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But fear not: here’s a list of tips to enhance your listings for maximum exposure. Whether you’ve got an inbox full of leads or only a handful of potential clients, every agent can benefit from one or more of these strategies.

1) Create engaging images and video for your listings.

A picture’s worth a thousand words. Or, in this case, a picture’s worth a thousand leads. People respond best to visual content, and they are more likely to share images or videos than simple text. Take professional photos of every property, and create a virtual tour for each space.

2) Share your listings on social media.

When a new listing comes on the market, announce it on your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. Tailor a unique message for each platform; don’t just copy and paste the same description across all three sites. On Facebook, upload a photo or album of the property with a short, engaging description. Keep it even shorter on your Twitter account, and attach the most flattering photo of the listings that you can find. For Pinterest: focus on the images of your listing with links to a landing page on your website.

Many hands make light work; you should also encourage your visitors to share your listings on their personal social media accounts. Include buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest on each listing page to make the process easier for your potential clients. Take notice when a person shares a listing on social media. Leave a short comment or retweet their post to thank them for their efforts.

3) Tie your listings into blog posts.

Blogs are a great way to showcase your listings to regular readers. If you write a blog post about how to re-tile your bathroom floor, find a listing with a photo-worthy bathroom floor. If you publish a post on the local school district, point to a property that is located a few blocks from the nearest elementary school. You get the idea: find small ways to showcase the strengths of your listings, and draw your reader’s attention to them. As listings sell, go back and update your blog posts to reflect new properties on the market.

4) Craft detailed descriptions of your listings.

While engaging images are important for successful listings, you still need words to tell the unique story of each property. Keep your description short and sweet, but always remember to highlight what makes a home noteworthy. You might show your visitors a picture of the kitchen, but can they tell that there’s a walk-in pantry in the corner? Use your descriptions to make your listings pop.

5) Nurture leads with personalized messages using CRM insights.

An advanced CRM platform is an essential part of your marketing arsenal. View the site behaviors of different users, and analyze which listings they view the most. If the visitor signs up for an account and saves a listing to their favorites list, follow up with a personalized email about the listing. You can also choose similar listings from your inventory and create a customized list for them based on their wants and needs. This strategy is a great way to nudge them forward in the sales process and draw their attention to other listings they might have missed in their search.

6) Display featured listings on your website.

Your homepage is often the first thing that visitors will see when they navigate to your site; take advantage of that. Use a featured listings carousel on your homepage to highlight the cream of the crop and point your visitors to your most popular properties. A word of caution: don’t overload your featured listings carousel with more than 20 properties. People don’t scroll, and they could become overwhelmed by a huge number of featured listings. Use the carousel to target specific properties in your inventory.

7) Highlight listings by creating recommended searches on your homepage. 

Recommended searches are also a great way to optimize the coveted real estate (pun intended) of your homepage. Let’s say you want to increase the exposure of your waterfront listings. Create a recommended search called “Waterfront Properties in [Insert Town Here].” When visitors land on your homepage, they’ll see your list of recommended searches, click on them, and navigate to a list of hand-picked listings. This strategy is a great way to highlight certain properties that your potential clients may not know exist and increase exposure of lesser-known property types.

8) Include open house schedules with listing information.

Include an open house schedule with every mention of your listing – whether it’s on social media or your blog post. Create a public Google calendar with every listing’s open house information, and share a link to it whenever you can. Make sure you update the Google calendar with each new listing, and notify your followers if you make a change to the schedule. A public calendar will provide important information for potential clients about their favorite listings; it will also show them open houses for other listings that may fit their needs. Keep in mind that many MLS companies do not provide vendors like Union Street Media with open house information. Be sure to update your description with that information for other sites, and post the open house information in your blog and social media pages.

9) Create white papers or case studies that analyze the local market.

Showcase your expertise and draw attention to your listings by analyzing the local market and its current trends. Create visual content like videos, infographics, or charts to further explain the nuances of your region’s real estate ecosystem. These white papers and case studies will signal to buyers and sellers that you are a trusted authority for real estate. This authority will easily translate to exposure for your listings and higher conversion rates.


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